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Living a Fantasy Life

The drama "Death of a Salesman" written by Arthur Miller discusses the issues that many people in our world today can relate to. Many people live lying and exaggerating to escape from the reality of failing to live our dreams. People believe by having unrealistic goals and false dreams they can still be successful. They fill their mind with goals that cannot be accomplish and exaggerate about what they can accomplish. These people try so hard to accomplish their dream that never really could live a happy, successful life. The men in the Loman family portray this type of person perfectly. They have unrealistic goals and live a fantasy life filled with exaggeration and lies.

The father of the family, Willy Loman has the unrealistic goal of having a conventional American career and lifestyle. This made his whole a life a lie. Willy is trying to live the dream of being a successful salesman.

When this is an unrealistic goal for Willy, he does not have the skills to be a salesman and is really only good at working with his hands. Willy constantly exaggerates, lying to his family about his success. He lies to his wife Linda about how much money he makes. He tells her "Well, I-I did-about a hundred and eighty gross in Providence. Well, no-it came to-roughly two hundred gross on the whole trip."(1.297). Here he is saying he

made a lot of money in one town, but he goes on to say that: "The trouble was that three of the stores were half closed for inventory in Boston. Otherwise I woulda broke records"(1.299) He lies to her saying that the reason he did not make a lot was because the stores were closed. This specifically shows how Willy lies and exaggerates.