"Death of a Salesman" - The theme: Dreams

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The play "Death of a Salesman" is a dramatic play about many dreams of one man named Willy Loman. Willy is a man who travels to sell merchandise in New England, although he wants to sell in New York. Willy has many dreams including owning a nice home, Biff being famous, reminiscing dreams, and following the American dream. Willy wants to be famous and rich, and if he can't do it he wants his sons to become that successful.

Willy sometimes gets lost in his dreams, "So I went on again - and five minutes later I'm dreamin' again, and I nearly - ;(14)" For Willy he is too consumed in his dreams, he wants to live the American dream so badly that it consumes his life and makes him have strong emotions towards his family. Willy goes back in time and relives his dreams feeling like they are actually happening.

For example there is the lady that Willy had an affair with in a hotel, and Biff comes in to tell Willy that he failed math and couldn't go to university. I am presuming that it was shortly after they have intercourse. Then Biff finds out about the woman and gets mad at Willy. There is also the reoccurring dream that Ben shows up and begins to discuss issues and ideas from the past. Willy is mixed up in the times.

The American dream is a faith held by many American people, that they believe that through hard work, courage, and determination that a person can achieve a better life for them. Willy Loman is a man who believes strongly in the American dream; he looks to the aspect of financial wealth and prosperity as his American dream, although this is not what the American dream is solely...