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Debate As A Teaching Strategy

Debate has roots inside American history and healthcare. Even through to today with the new state of health reform, debate exists in whether the the U.S. Constitution declares healthcare as a citizen's right. This is significant in the health reform because it is in question how much our government controls the healthcare it provides. Some debates have a long life-span because the debate topic has complicated issues. Debate is complex and helps with understanding, revealing and altering many societal topics especially in healthcare.

Debate is a structured contest of argumentation in which two opposing individuals or teams defend and attack a given proposition (Saskatoon Public Schools, 2009). It includes a considerable amount of preparation for the critical thinking that's involved. The basis of debate is to propose the topic at hand and to integrate others thoughts to consider all aspects of the issue. It is widely used in health related issues as these affect many people, cover wide range of interrelated health topics and affect life, finances and futures.

For the recent health care debate it is important for those involved to understand what is going on so they can have an educated opinion in their healthcare and financial future.

The different sides of health reform debate includes the governmental bodies, healthcare providers, the patients, liabilities and finances. It is easy to understand why each one of these aspects would have different opinions and weights. Debating the issue of governmental involvement becomes a wide topic to consider with many viewpoints. The government's objective is to be able to financially provide healthcare for it's citizens but to do this it requires strategy with costs. This cost is seen in decreasing provider's wages and different insurance coverages. In consideration of physicians, the debate affects their income, the...