Debate - Domestic Politics and International Relations

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The "Democratic Peace" is more the result of economic concerns with stability than shared democratic ideals.

If there was no Democratic Peace there would be too much animosity between democratic states because of the fact that they would always be in competition with each other. The fact that they're mostly capitalist states proves that if they were to ever be in conflict with each other, it would end up costing too much and messing up the flow of trade. This also emphasizes the fact that these capitalist/ democratic nations are dependant on each other for trade. Even though these countries do not share democratic ideas, they do share financial/economic ideas. This not only reduces the chances of war but also creates a better / growing economy for the nations. Democratic Peace, being the idea that democracies will never fight each other is probably the best way to describe how democratic countries to interact with each other.

No democratic would want to fight another democratic country and ruin their reputation and in anyway disturb their relationship with other democratic countries. Democratic Peace should be a concept of economic concern rather than shared ideas because each government has their own way of governing their country, creating a diverse world, with less war, and more economic growth.