Debate Essay: End the Grizzly Bear Hunt in Alberta

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With all the speculation going around about Grizzly Bears in Alberta these days, it's hard for one to help but become lost in the numbers, the varying facts and especially the politics behind it all. So what is really happening in our wilderness? Scientists say we are precariously close to losing our Grizzly bear populations, while our government really hasn't made up its mind yet. So to clear up any confusion, the Grizzly bear hunt has been suspended for three years, just as our scientists have advised. The new question is what will this accomplish? As it stands these next three years will be devoted to conducting a DNA census to finally get a reliable and more accurate estimate of the Grizzly population. Only then will we know what is to become of our Grizzlies. However, we have spent many years waiting on the government to make a move, how can we allow ourselves to stand around yet again when we have the chance to take control for ourselves? I am against the Grizzly bear hunt, but it's grown to so much more then that.

I am against the frivolous destruction of our wilderness and our lack of motivation to make a change. As society it is our responsibility to strive for the ideal balance between nature and economy, there is always room for improvement and we should never be satisfied until that ultimate ideal has been achieved. Hunting the Grizzly Bears is taking a step in the wrong direction.

On an environmental note Alberta's ecosystems, like all others, are very delicate and no matter who you are or what you believe in, they affect everyone. From providing those nature-lovers with a sense of awe and some great recreation to simply creating lovely scenery, Alberta's wilderness is part of our...