Debate: Media shouldn't carry reports of suicides by charcoal burning - opposition side

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The reports alert the society and care-takers to concern and care for people around them, among those who might have the tendency to commit suicide. By bringing awareness, those who are suicidal may receive help and counseling, which would hopefully change their mind about committing suicide. By reporting the news of suicides by charcoal burning, the people who are under stress will know that they're not alone and that it's a problem that can be solved. They ought to seek help from others and shouldn't commit suicide.

Many people with suicidal tendencies may not be aware of the consequences of suicide. With reports about families and friends reactions, they may come to remember the important people and their family, who might miss them after they kill themselves. So that the suicidal people may know that there are people who care for them and they may give up the idea of suicide.

Some may say media shouldn't report news of suicides by charcoal burning, because they may prompt people who are stressful to commit suicide. But in fact the public should have the right to know. The media is entrusted by the public to report the facts, and they have the responsibility to report incidents as they happen. They don't have the right to choose what to report and what not to. Therefore if the media doesn't report news of suicide by charcoal burning, they're not discharching their responsibility.

Besides, if reports about charcoal burning suicides encourage people to imitate, what about reports on other forms of suicides? Should the media report them too? They also encourage people to imitate. And, other forms of suicide may also send the wrong message to people, especially to children, because of the bloody photos. Also, should there be...