The Debate Over Early Humans

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The human race has a long and complex history. In the last century, there have been many discoveries that help anthropologists develop theories as to how humans evolved. However, different people who find the same kind of fossils have come up with different theories, leading to arguments about the order of species in which we evolved and where those species underwent the evolutionary process. Whenever a new fossil discovery occurs, new questions arise about these fossils. Articles are often written by people who wish to attempt to answer these questions. These articles usually voice the personal opinion of the author, and this ends up contradicting other published articles that voice the personal opinions of their authors. There are a very large number of questions about the history of human evolution.

"How Man Began," an article out of TIME Magazine, talks about the discovery of a human skull in China that is thought to be as old as the human remains found in Africa, which would disrupt theories that humans once migrated from Africa to China.

This find creates the theory that humans may have evolved in different parts of the world at the same time. The article also tells about the many different species of human ancestors that have been found in the last century, including Donald Johanson's Australopithecus afarensis, nicknamed Lucy. The author discusses the arguments supporting two theories. One theory is that all humans originate from Africa, while the other theory is that humans evolved. The main point of this article is to show that there is not a great deal about our past that is seen as true by all anthropology experts.

"Up From the Apes" is an article written by Michael Lemonick for TIME Magazine. It discusses the various discoveries that link humans to their primate...