Debate on Public Schooling in the United States

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There has been an ongoing debate for over 10 years regarding the value of public schooling in the United States. Debating the topic of reforming or restructuring the public schools is something that Phi Delta Kappa and the Center on National Education Policy encourage in a democratic society. Their purpose in bringing up this topic is to urge the public to reevaluate its' commitment to the youth of America and the future of the nation.

According to the virtues of American democracy and for its well being in our country, we must, as a community, want the best for all children. In order to achieve this, early leaders of the United States created publicly funded schools so that all children could not only learn to read and write but also become quality citizens who could make positive contributions to society.

Today, some Americans are losing faith in the public schools believing that education would be improved if funding and responsibility for education was shifted more towards the private sector.

Due to the fact that many are questioning the public schools, it is important to review why these schools were initially created.

Public schools were first created in the United States shortly after the American Revolution in accordance with the emerging philosophy of the democratic governance. These schools would be open to both rich and poor children and would be run by the state. Although the public school was being developed at this time, it didn't become widespread for another 75 years. Before these "common" or "public" schools became widespread most children who earned their education did so in a variety of different ways from church - supported schools to at home schools. Others may not have earned any education or entered apprenticeships where they learned a craft and their...