Debate speech - Underweight Models should be banned from the catwalk (negating/against)

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Good afternoon. As my fellow teammates have established, banning skinny models is not going to solveany problems. Banning something will not make it any less appealing. In fact, it will be the exact opposite. I further this case, with examples from the past, relating to drugs, alcohol, and the mafia.

Over the history of the modern era, man has always been attracted to, and awed by the darkness, temptation, and the illegal. All that is forbidden has always held man’s greatest interest. Examples may be taken from throughout the course of history.

Take the mafia. During the late 1800s, the American government began illegalizing, or banning, all alcohol and liqueur . BANG. Suddenly, and relentlessly, the smuggling, trafficking and “bootlegging” business of the now illegal alcohol, soared through the roof. The era of Prohibition poured vast amounts of money into Mafia coffers as they sold illegal alcohol in speakeasies around the country.

You may be asking, why is this bad? More money = good, right? I’m afraid not. Due to the major uprise in alcohol trafficking, wars between the families broke out. There was an epidemic of Mafia violence in the early 1930s -- bosses and under bosses were assassinated regularly. This is a prime example of how such a simple banning, the banning of alcohol, can cause a huge rise in the demand for the banned item. This in turn caused all hell to break loose. How does this relate to our moot? Banning something, will make it more appealing. That is the human mentality. BANNING skinny models from the stage will not solve the issue. It will make it all the more attractive.

Another example of this reasoning are drugs. Marijuana, for instance, has a huge effect on hundreds of New Zealanders. We all know its illegal, but...