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Good Morning Gentlemen, as Charlotte has already stated, I will be talking to you about the devastating social and economic effects of the Ruataniwha dams construction and use.

But before I intrigue you with the disastrous effects that the dam will have on the economy and society, I would first like to rebut the points made by the second speaker of the affirming side…

The second affirmative speaker has attempted to convince you that…

I, on behalf of the negating team, believe this isn't correct as…

So now that I have cleared that up, I would like to present to you gentlemen, exactly why The Negating team believe that the Ruataniwha Dam should not be built. Charlotte has already outlined the detrimental environmental effects of the construction and use of this dam, and if that hasn't convinced you that the dam construction shouldn't go ahead, I assure you, my findings will!

There are two main reasons that I do not support the building of the Ruataniwha Dam.

The first is that the Dam isn't economically viable, to farmers, or its investors. The second is that there is a social unbalance created where the farmer has to front all of the cost, but benefits the least.

I will first talk about why the Ruataniwha Dam is not economically viable.

I will start with a couple of basic facts.

The Ruataniwha Dam will supply from 20, to 25 thousand hectares of land, with water.

This water will cost 26 Cents per cubic litre.

When I first found this out, it seemed a perfectly reasonable expense, after all, the investors in the dam have to make money somehow. But that illusion was shattered as soon as I went beneath the surface of the information and found a few more facts that rendered the...