Debunking Physics

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Debunking Physics and Discovering the Process of the Universe It started when I rejected the big bang theory. The idea that the Universe begun in a time before time and a space before space was just to much to accept. The first thing I discovered was that the theory is an interpretation and is not a scientific fact. Debunking the big bang theory led me into investigating and debunking many of the other interpretations of physics which are portrayed as scientific facts. But first, the big bang theory.

In 1929 the astronomy Edwin Hubble noticed that the light from distance galaxies was increased in wavelength, and that the further away a galaxy was the greater the increase in the wavelength.

This is what physicists call redshift. He interpreted this redshift as a Doppler Effect indicating that the galaxies are moving away from our point of observation. He further speculated that this must be the result of a big explosion throwing everything out from the center.

Now, the first thing to notice here is that Hubble assumed that the galaxies with the greatest redshift were the more distant ones. How could he possibly know this? He couldn't. He simply assumed that the more distant galaxies have the greatest redshift, and most of the physics establishment followed this assumption like sheep. They followed like sheep because if Hubble was right they would have a another means of measurement. Just as you should never stand between a politician and a pot of money, you should never stand between a physicist and a means of measurement. It didn't take me long to realize that physicists are people who are obsessed with measurements and mathematics and who will sacrifice all logic for the sake of this obsession.

Soon after Hubble proclaimed the redshift phenomena indicated...