"The Decameron" by Boccacio.

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The Decameron

Imagine worshiping and praying to a false Saint? After reading the story of Ciappeletto,

I found the irony of a man who was a fraud and became a Saint, to be true to this day. I believe

Boccacio was trying to address to his readers that even an ordained Saint can be an over

exaggerated perjurer. This tale was meant to target the people who believe to much into stories

told by people who don't have first hand knowledge of the tale being told. The implications of a

scoundrel coming to be regarded as a Saint points out how naive a society we can be and have


The story of Ciappletto brings to mind how foolish a society we live in, at present and in

the past. In the story of Ciappletto, he preys on the unconditional trust of a Friar who takes his

word to be honest.

The Friar being a man of faith takes this mans word to be true without

having questioned anyone whom might know more about the whereabouts of this stranger, that

claims to Saint-like. So in a blind leap of faith the Friar forgives this man of his false sins and

later ordains this man as a Saint. In this story I believe the readers play the role of Friar,

accepting what we hear and see with no real first hand knowledge. Much like today, people

assume because someone is important that they are a good decent person. An example of a

current day idol ,up held to looked at as an honest and caring human being, is and was the

President Clinton. Here is a man who commands the trust of a nation. Everyone in this country

assumes that the Presidents are honest hardworking officials working for them. In Presidents...