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Since the first flight at Kitty Hawk the flight industry has developed far beyond our imagination. Even with undoubted hazards of flying it still remains a popular means of transportation. This creates a huge demand for labor and wide variety of skills related with the industry. When I was little I was amazed at the sight of over fifty tons floating in the air. This led to curiosity that is embedded in me to this day, which has always made me wanting to become either a pilot or an airplane technician. I still have not decided which trade I would take up when I become graduated.

Being a pilot would be an adventurous, risky, exciting and fun life; in simple no two days would be the same. There is a great deal of risk involved from the moment of take off to landing, making it exciting and adventurous. When flying, especially a commercial airliner, the same risk puts a great amount of responsibility in the hands of the pilot.

In case of a technician, life would be drastically less interesting and practically there would be nothing challenging at all, with the exception of completing deadlines. A technician can be sitting in the same desk, in the same terminal, doing the same machinery or drawing the same plan for years. Although on positive terms it is far too less risky, thus making it a lot less liable.

On social aspects, piloting is considered as a prestigious occupation, throughout the globe. To be precise sometimes pilots are honored as much as crusaders or gallant sailors and explorers of the colonial centuries. Scarcity of their talent, their responsibilities as well as the dangers they face bring in pilots mammoth paychecks that can be shadowed by few other professions. Technicians only earn...