A Decision-Making Model Analysis

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I need to put much thought and planning into making decisions within my preschool classroom. This is because state licensing holds strict standards for environments and practices involving young children. I have to be 100% sure that decisions I implement are safe, developmentally appropriate and following licensing guidelines. I often need to use critical thinking in order to make a decision. Recently, I have had to address an important problem in our classroom. The amount of space for the children to play is not enough compared to the number of children we have in the classroom on a daily basis. Much conflict is taking place and this affects the overall behavior of every child in the group. I have decided to use a decision-making model to assess the problem and decide on a solution. A decision-making model “means showing steps in a process to make a decision or set and achieve a goal.”

(Decision-Making/Goal Setting Skills) I believe using this model will maintain organization within my planning while also supplying a format to cover all the steps in making the right decision.

This decision-making model consists of seven steps to follow. The first is to “define the problem.” This includes gathering all the facts involved in the situation. Information is power; the more one has the easier it is to make a decision. (2006) I have assessed the classroom, and the problem is that while the ratio of square footage to children is within state licensing guidelines, the lack of extra space inhibits the teacher’s ability to arrange the environment and supply each child with enough space to work in each area. The dramatic play area, which is the busiest of all, truly needs more space. The quiet book area is not very “cozy” feeling and needs...