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There are many decision-making models available for use. Depending on the problem at hand, or the type of decision that has to be made, there are different decision making models that best suit each one. When I began researching the different decision making models, I was surprised by the great amount of models available. I was also impressed with the complexity of some of these models; they all seem to really help in solving a certain type of problem or making a certain type of decision.

It is very important that a decision making model be used, as it helps the individuals involved get a better idea of the problem, possible solutions as well as the possible outcomes for going with a certain solution. In the Decision-Making Model for Business article, he author states:"It seems that business people tend to do one of two things when it comes to decision making.

They either make most of their decisions impulsively toward a desirable end, or they make decisions very conservatively and too cautiously to make any progress (McDermott).

As McDermott pointed out, people often make decisions impulsively and then are not happy with the outcome. This is exactly why it is imperative to use a decision making model in business.

The business technique that I often use myself in my business environment is brainstorming. According to Baumgartner, there are 7 different steps when it comes to brainstorming:1.Define your problem or issue; for example2.Give yourselves a time limit.

3.Once the brainstorming starts, participants shout out solutions to the problem while the facilitator writes them down.

4.Once your time is up, select the five ideas which you like best.

5.Write down about five criteria for judging which ideas best solve your problem.

6. Give each idea a score...