Decision-Making Model Analysis

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Not all individuals approach decision making in the same manner. There are different styles of decision making. There are decision makers who take responsibility for their decisions and those who try and transfer the responsibility to others for their decision.


In the paper I will describe and analysis a decision-making model that I have used in a recent job-related decision. In addition, I will identify the steps in my chosen decision-making model. Lastly, I will describe how critical thinking impacted my decision.

Decision-Making Model

The Collective-Participative decision-making model is when the leader involves the members of a group, team, or organization is the decision making process. In this model other perspective of the situation are discovered because the leader deliberately asks and encourages others to participate by giving their ideas, perceptions, knowledge and information concerning the decision. The leader maintains total control of the decision because, although outside information is considered, the leader alone decides.

The leader is also completely responsible for the good or bad outcome as a result of the decision. The advantages include some group participation and involvement. This is especially valuable when a person is affected negatively in a decision. In most cases, the individual is informed before the decision is implemented and usually feels good about personal involvement. If the leader is a good communicator, and listens carefully to the information collected, he or she will usually have a more accurate understanding of the situation and make a better decision. The disadvantages of this style include a fairly slow, time consuming decision; less security, because so many people are involved in the decision. (LMDC, Inc., 1997).

In the law firm in which I work, the summer is one of the busiest times of the year especially in the law library, in which I am...