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Model 2

Decision-Making Model

The Decision-Making Model I Chose

Taking many factors into account, I decided that the Group Decision-Making model was the best choice for me, when it came to job-related decision-making. I feel that by using the group decision-making model, I was able to maximize my opportunity for a successful outcome.

Background on Group Decision-Making Model

Group decision-making is the process of producing a judgment based on the feedback of multiple individuals. Such decision-making is a key component to the functioning of an organization, because organizational performance involves more than just one individuals action. Due to the importance of the group decision-making process, I feel this model can be used to establish a systematic means of developing effective group decision-making.

Why I Chose The Group Decision-Making Model

In order to determine the appropriate use of a group decision-making model, the advantages and disadvantages of using this model were discussed.

I determined the advantage of using this model, is that it helps to enhance understanding (Burke, 1994). More specifically, the model assisted me in identifying the functionality of a group. It also added structure to a procedure that is both dynamic and conceptual. By helping to lend structure, it also facilitated the identification and resolution of problems that arose during the course, and as a consequence of the decision-making process. This facilitation in essence assisted me in improving the group decision-making process.

Group Decision-Making at Work

From time to time, I am involved in groups that deal with problem solving and decision-making. While I am not yet a manager, I am recognized as one who is being groomed for the

Model 3

position. Recently, I was part of a focus group that was assigned the task of improving the way underwriters do their jobs. As an underwriter for...