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Decision-Making Model Paper

The decision-making model that I decided to write a paper about is the Career Decision-Making Model. Many people have used this model in order to isolate what type of career is best for them. The subsequent sections of this paper will describe the model in detail, identify all of the steps involved in the model, and applying these steps to my last job-related career move. I will also describe how critical thinking has affected my decision to make this job-related decision.

When planning for a career, there are many different decisions to be made. What income would you like to have? What kind of hours you would like to work? How important is job security, and many others factors. There are seven steps involved in the decision-making model. Step-one is to identify the decision to be made. Step-two, know yourself and what is important to you. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help to identify who you really are and what you want in life.

Step-three, begin identifying options to solve the problem or to you make the decision. Step-four, gather information and data you will need. Step-five, evaluate options that will solve the problem. Step-six, select one of the options based on the information you have gathered and analyzed. Finally step-seven, design a course of action to implement the decision. By using a decision making model, you will be able to choose a career that best suits you.

In figure 1, I have used my last job-related career decision which guided me towards completing my degree with the University of Phoenix. Figure 1 shows the following fields: Career Selection Criteria, Weight, Ideal, (I), Music Teacher, (MT), Information Technology, and (IT).

Decision-Making Model Pro's and Con's

Career Selection Criteria Weight Ideal (I) Music Teacher (MT) Information Technology...