Decision Making in Thailand Culture

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Decisions-making are to be made at all levels, either in group of individuals, but perhaps, is the most important of all in managerial activities. It is the common event and most critical role of a senior manager. It tells how a manager deals with information. Basically, decision-making is apprehensive with the handling of creating choices and decisions to be chosen among them. Those decisions can be groups under different categories and each decision has its individual segment - Operationally, which is usually related with short-term effects and of a routine nature; Tactically, which refers to the medium-term effects and non-routine nature without reviewing the organizational goals; and Strategically, which will be the long-term effects that concern s the organizational goals. Decision-making is remarkably interesting as different elements of psychological factors are brought together in the presence of social, cognitive and personality. (Furnham 2005, p. 525-565)Hierarchical Approach and IndividualismOrganizations in Thailand are hierarchical.

(Sheridan 1999, p. 180) The management may be compassionate, but they are more likely to keep the most important decisions to themselves or possibly, to a limited group of senior executives significant members in the organizations. Even the family members of the company owners complain on some occasions about the domineering nature of the strategic and tactical decision-making in family-owned or controlled enterprises. Thus, teamwork will be seemed not an easy event to be accomplished due to the patronage and hierarchical system with the Thai organizations.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, such approach to the management was not as challenging due to the fact the Thailand was able to enjoy the large amount of foreign investments that entered with low labour cost competition. But as of today, Thailand has been threatened to a much different environment as compared to the olden days. Globalisation has led to...