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The purpose of this paper is to define decision-making tools and techniques. This paper will define decision-making tools and brainstorming. The paper will also explain its application as well as when and when not to use this tool. When we make the choice that we need to make a decision, we should choose a tool or technique that can help us make the best possible selection.

There are so many solutions to solve a problem. Brainstorming is one of the common tools to be used to stimulate and capture creative thoughts and ideas. Brainstorming can be used by either individual or group. If you brainstorm on your own, the ideas can be more creatively. Group brainstorming can be very effectively and tends to develop ideas in more depth than individual. In my company, my boss used brainstorming successfully to change his business direction. (Langdon, 2006)Brainstorming should benefit the company as well as the individuals, which are involved.

Issues which need an immediate decision should not be apart of a brainstorming session. Issues which can be thought out and clearly defined should be a part of brainstorming sessions. Decision-making can be made easy by the use of brainstorming sessions. Brainstorming sessions allow you to focus your energy on all the possible solutions. Brainstorming issues should focus more on the issue and less on the time which is needed to make the decision. (Langdon, 2006)Decision-making is important for any organization to succeed. By using a decision-making model, management can make clear decisions. Incorporating their experiences with their decision thought process will ensure a winning combination. There are many thoughts on decision-making and how it should be approached. Although I have used the decision-making tool brainstorming for business uses, I have also used brainstorming and other techniques in my personal life. I have...