Decision to not have children

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John Southern

Marriage and The Family

SYG 2430-BM2

Project # 5

The Decision to Have no Children

More couples are choosing not to have children than in past generations, one of these couples is Max and Alyssa Lopez. Alyssa and Max were kind enough to let me interview them on Monday the 21st of July, to help shed some light on why, they as a couple chose to not have any children. I was able to understand the many factors behind their thought process, with a few of those being the social, economic and moral issues behind their decision.

When I sat down with Max and Alyssa I didn't know what to expect as far as their reasoning could be to not have children. As a parent, the decision to have children for my wife and I just seemed like the natural decision to make, as we both love children and knew from the start of our relationship that a child would be part of our family.

When speaking to Max and Alyssa one of the first issues that came up was the social decision to not have children as it pertained to their lifestyle. Both individuals being young professionals, their decision was not because of wanting to party all the time but more of a social decision to enjoy life with each other and all the freedom that brings. The couple enjoys traveling on a moment's notice, enjoying the freedom to make decisions based upon their feelings or schedules and not being limited by the rigors of dance practice, soccer games or after school meetings. While kids require a lot of time, they also expressed their worries about the cost of raising a child.

The economic strain of raising children is one that all parents are familiar with,