Decision in Paradise I

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Decision in Paradise Part I


30 March 2010


Decisions in Paradise Part I

My trip to Paradise was an experience I will not forget. Upon my arrival in amazement at the conditions I was seeing; it was a devastating mess, along with our office that had been set up in the South Pacific Island of Kava. I met my new supervisor Alex. We discussed how governments in the third world that face tragedies and desolation, often seek assistance from larger advanced nations. The government hopes to receive this aid in hopes to assist and improve the lives of their civilians. In this paper I will describe the South Pacific Island of Kava; the issues this country faces and how the Department of Education plans in helping establish a presence in Kava.

Department of Education's Mission

The Department of Education's mission is to assist and teach youths and adults to become independent and knowledgeable through trade schools, so that they can rebuild their lives and empower their future.

The Department of Education believes knowledge is needed for all individuals, worldwide. Therefore, the Department of Education has established an office in Kava, and has three of their employees Alex, Chris and myself to begin implementing the organization's plans. We will be planning to bring Technical Vocation Schools and teachers to the area. There will much to consider and decide on how to realize our goal. Decision Processes

The Department of Education will use the Stepladder decision-making technique along data sheets, charts, reports and cost benefits in implementing the plan for Kava. The Stepladder decision-making encourages all members to contribute on an individual level before being influenced by anyone else. This will result in a wider variety of ideas, and it...