Decision in Paradise: How To Be or Not To Be

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Kava is an island country in the South Pacific. This island country Kava should be a paradise, but it is not. This country has been devastated by natural disasters such as Tidal waves, Tornadoes, Floods, Fires, Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, and HIV/Aids, Petroleum spills and it's a high risk for avian flu. The population is over 50% under the age of 15, and there are many different ethnic groups and religions that are currently in Kava. Since the adolescents are the majority of the population they need a safe place to escape to during hard times and a place that will build their personal skills and enhance their learning. With a place where these adolescents and their families can go to and grow and learn, this would be a great access for the country of Kava. The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF) provides learning and growth in the area that these adolescents are lacking.

The NCCF benefits the families of children in poverty, early childhood development, adolescent psychology, and they offer after school programs, extended day programs, childcare, gymnasiums, recreation centers, and long-term effects of early childhood intervention.

Organizational and Environmental ObstaclesThe economy has Petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing, and natural gas as well as inexpensive quality labor. As a way to boost the economy in Kava the workers and technicians would develop a new facility for the families and children in Kava. Advertising for this facility would be cost effective, taken that the commercial advertising is of new existence in Kava. Radios and Newspaper can be the tool for advertisements, then we can send out flyers and pamphlets can to the locals. Once construction of the new facility is completed the NCCF can have a reception for the locals and the public to celebrate the...