Decisions every day.

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We make decisions every day. I had to make many business decisions including

downsizing the department I was working for. This is not an easy task in the best of

circumstances. At any rate, there were some technological changes happening in the

near future which required some personnel with different or enhanced skills. I had

researched the product along with my technical manager to best decide which personnel

would best be fitted or suited to acquire the new skills. This research played a part in the

decision making process of whom to let go and whom to retain.

Another instance in which I used research was when I decided to leave ABC Television to

become a firefighter. I basically researched the salary and benefits of the fire

department and how they compared to my present position and included potential growth

within the company. The comparison took into account not only the monetary factors but

also lifestyle and quality of life factors.

By doing the research I was able to logically

make a sound decision which benefited me the most.

A third instance which research played a tremendous part in my decision making process

was when I purchased my home. The research allowed me to valuate the home, the

potential growth, crime statistics, interest rates, loan programs, and a lot more

information. The research helped me make the best possible choice. By doing the

research I was able to eliminate the emotional part of the decision making process and

succeed in making a rational and logical decision.