Decisions in Kava Part 1

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Decision in Kava Part 1

Jarrod Trantham

University of Phoenix

MGT 350

Doctor Gainer

July 22, 2008



Decision in Kava Part 1

As a member of the International Marketing and Expansion Team for the University of Phoenix, I was assigned the responsibility of overseeing the potential integration of a satellite campus on the island of Kava. Initial reports indicate that the island would be an ideal market for post secondary education. The purpose of this paper will identify how the University of Phoenix can establish a strong presence in Kava by defining the issues and forces involved in the expansion. By identifying the problems and the effects of the problems, I will attempt to provide a solution necessary for successful expansion into Kava.

The ultimate decision to be made is how UOP can establish a presence in Kava that will serve as a symbiotic relationship between the stakeholders for the University of Phoenix and the natives of Kava.

The economic impact must be mutually beneficial for this to be a success. I have been working closely with Alex, the liaison on the island assigned to assist me with the local knowledge and issues the inevitably will affect our presence.

Before a decision can be made, the issues need to be identified. The first issue was easy to recognize; from the information supplied by Alex, it was evident that the island could be plagued by numerous disasters at any moment, from hurricanes and tornadoes to disease and pestilence. Another issue that could impact the final decision is the demographic of the island; the island population contains multiple ethnic and religious groups each utilizing their own distinct language or dialect, and over half the population...