Decisions in paradise

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ABC Incorporated's mission statement is "to cultivate a favorable business, economic, governmental and social climate within the employees, community and partners in order for the residents to have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible quality of life".

As previously noted and established, Kava is a beautiful island in need of help but with potential. In order to make the plan a success, time must be dedicated in the thought process. One of the first tasks that must be accomplished is finding a suitable place to build Island Resort; a place that will make this venture successful, beneficial and prosperous. The resort will be located where the tourist population is. The main problem that seems to surface is the lack of organizational skills. There seems to be no plan in place to clean up and revive Kava. How can ABC Incorporated make a greater presence on Kava, help the island and maintain profit? The island's economic resources are petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism fishing and natural gas.

The island's disadvantages are the potential disaster threats like tidal waves, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, HIV/AIDS, petroleum spills, high risk for avian flu, and internal and external terrorism. Is there a place where there is no chance of disaster threats? The answer is no. Anywhere that ABC Incorporated decides to make a presence will be susceptible to disaster threats.

What decision making technique is ABC going to use in order to make this venture successful? There is not one single technique. Depending on the task at hand the technique will vary. There will be a combination of techniques used during this venture in order for the venture to be successful. Here is a proposal of examples of the different thinking styles that will be used during...