Decisions in Paradise

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IntroductionKava is an island located in the South Pacific that is faced with many natural disasters that make it very difficult for businesses to establish a foundation to build on. Being faced with constant threats of hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, fires, and other life changing events, the economy is like quick sand; the more you try to build your self up, the further under you become. Companies that are struggling will need to build a company plan in effort to help build their presence within Kava. I am Nik, an employer of Community Health Systems in Kava, and have been hired to implement the project of a lifetime. My first goal is to develop preliminary considerations to help Community Health Systems develop a presence within the country.

Community Health Systems IssuesUpon arriving in Kava, I noticed that the country was a total disaster. Before I had taken this job, I thought I was going to an island of paradise to take on my dream job but when I arrived I was mistaken.

CHS had only one employer, Alex, the director of strategic planning. He introduced me to the company and its history. I learned Kava is threatened by many different kinds of natural disasters and are in need of business outside the country. Kava is made up of native South Pacific tribes with some mix of African, French, Spanish and Americans. Over 50% of the population is under the age of 15 and agriculture is the main source of the economy.

The first thing I done was evaluated the situation that Kava is involved in. I believe that there are certain issues that need to be attended to before the company can begin to establish a greater presence here. Community Health Systems has a mission to provide quality care, professional, and...