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Stewart Title of Kava

Eden Jack

University of Phoenix



Stewart Title of Kava


"Without the proper searching and examining of public records, your home's equity and ownership may be in danger" (Stewart Title of Sacramento, 2009). Nothing is more important to us than protecting the real estate investments of our clients through quality service in our escrow transactions. Stewart Title has earned the respect and confidence of its customers by providing honest title and escrow service by the industry's most qualified and dedicated personnel (Stewart Title of Sacramento, 2009). Since 1893, Stewart Title Guaranty, the Texas based provider of our underwritten title insurance products, has grown to be the nation's strongest financially rated firm in the Title Insurance Industry because of their strength and stability in the volatile real estate market. Stewart Title is a locally owned title company underwritten by the nationally owned Stewart Title Guaranty.

Our Goal

Recently, with the help of Stewart Title Guaranty, Stewart Title of Sacramento has decided to reach out globally and expand their title and escrow services to Kava, an island country located in the South Pacific. Stewart Title has always prided itself by being a locally owned company that cares about the community. Local ownership provides the flexibility needed to respond quickly to an area's ever-changing real estate market. A locally owned company can also help support the community's economy through profit sharing programs that their employees can qualify to receive (Stewart Title of Sacramento, 2009). I was recently handed the assignment of strategic planning in bringing Stewart Title to the island country and met with our director of strategic planning, Alex, in Kava. Once I landed in Kava, I immediately realized the country was...