Decisions in Paradise II

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Decision in Paradise, Part II

The best solution to most problems comes after a decision that has been well thought out by framing the problem. Taking things in to consideration such as; identifying the problem and the issues, evaluating the effect and impacts, and considering the stakeholders involved will help considerably in making the right decision and reaching the best solution. After framing the problem correctly one more technique that will increase the chances of selecting the most successful decision(s) is when individuals use decision making tools.

Nik and Alex had been on the island of Kava for over a week now and already experienced a few disasters. The task of finding the best solution enabling XYZ Incorporated (XYZ) to establish a greater presence on the island has proven to be very challenging. Through brainstorming sessions and a great deal of research about the island and the people who live on it, Nik and Alex were able to come up with several viable solutions.

Nik and Alex were able to analyze the business plan more effectively by using tools such as Force-Field Analysis. Nik and Alex have come to realize numerous tools are available to help capture data that will assist stakeholders in determining solutions and potential risks.

Nik's successfully completed the first task was completed, which consisted of gathering information about the island demographics, the economy, workforce, and the current social and economic structure. Nik and Alex will use the Force-Field Analyses' data to identify to the training team causes that support or could deter the teams training goals. Brainstorming through the driving and restraining forces will assist the team with reaching the desired results. Nik will analyze the current state, and what the future state should be, to help prepare the...