Decisions in Paradise II

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Running Head: Decisions in Paradise II

Decisions in Paradise II

Taline Izakelian

University of Phoenix


May 7, 2007

Decisions in Paradise II

Good decision making is an extremely important and essential skill for career success and effective leadership. It is imperative that a professional individual learn to make timely and well-considered decisions. A well thought out decision can often lead your team to the levels of success that are expected and well-deserved. However, if a leader were to make poor decisions in a compressed amount of time, the company's success and progress will be in danger and so will that individual's job at that company.

Planning and analyzing decisions may take a little more time to do, but the benefits are viewed as endless. Planning allows decisions to be implemented in a much more organized, beneficial and intelligent way. There are four major benefits to planning rather then just jumping to a conclusion and acting hastily.

1. Planning allows the establishment of independent goals. When presented with a problem, intelligent people will quickly have an idea of how to go around it. That individual will need to analyze the choices and opportunities in front of him/her to make the best of the presented situation. Managers normally manage an organization like most of the intelligent world manages their lives. By using critical thinking, managers can not be influenced by the forces of the external world but, in fact, they need to take control of the situation by doing what they think they can to intelligently solve their problems. "Sometimes the difference between planning and not planning is described as 'proactive' -taking control of the situation- versus 'reactive' -responding to stimuli-" (Decision Making Techniques, 1998).

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