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Stewart Title of Kava II

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Stewart Title of Kava II

Stewart Title is the leading provider of title insurance in the real estate and mortgage industries (Stewart Title of Sacramento, 2009). We operate as a neutral 3rd party to your transaction by dealing with all parties involved and providing a title search to make sure the property is free of encumbrances. Stewart Title has decided to expand the company to the small island of Kava in order to support the community and economy of that country. As part of the strategic planning in bringing Stewart Title to Kava, I have found four key issues that need to be addressed. Over 50% of the population is under the age of 18, multiple languages are spoken in this country, and the natural disasters and medical problems that occur in Kava can be life threatening.

Framing the problem and Making the decision

The first problem is the underage population. With over 50% over the population not being of legal age to purchase and own real estate, this will cut our profits in half. In Kava, the legal age to purchase real estate is 18.

Decision: We need to contact the country of Kava's census bureau and find out how many people live there under the age of 18. Next, we need to come up with a projection plan based on the number of people over 18. Finally, we need develop a marketing plan for that population.

The language barrier will also be a hindrance. The multiple languages of English, Spanish, and French may cause miscommunication, especially in dealing with legal matters.

Decision: Hire an interpreter that can speak English, Spanish,