Decisions in Paradise III

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APM Terminals - Kava, South Pacific IslandsAt APM Terminals our vision is to create opportunities in the global commerce. Our mission is to fulfill our vision by truly understanding our clients, our customers and our business. APMT is offering second-to-none transportation solutions by being profitable and delivering sustainable and profitable growth. The costs will continuously be reduced and efficiency will be increased, which offer colleagues personal growth and a more motivating place to work. Employees will be pressed to be innovative and good corporate citizens inside the national regions in where the company operates.

APM Terminals understands the surrounding issues and current state of Kava, with a land decimated by disasters, they believe that Kava is and will remain a key entity in the World economic structure. Kava has many exportable goods that are beneficial to the many citizens and economies of the World. These exportable goods are Petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, fish, and natural gases.

The ability to bring these goods to the World Marketplace will be a definite necessity and play the largest role in rebuilding their lands, homes, and marketplaces. APMT believes in being a good corporate citizen and is willing to also play a major role in helping the islands of Kava regain its beauty.

APMT also understands the epidemics on the island and knows that damage controls will need to be implemented to protect our investments in Kava. With many determining factors affecting the decision implementation with APMT doing business in Kava such as the constant threat of natural disasters like tsunamis, typhoons, tornados, floods, and fires that are directly related to the volcanic activity on the island, also the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the issue of 50% of the island population being under the age of 15 years.

A proposal was put in...