Decisions in Paradise III

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Stewart Title of Kava III

Eden Jack

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Stewart Title of Kava III

The decision to bring Stewart Title to Kava has taken tactical planning and a series of logical decisions and choices. I have taken real issues that impact the success of making and implementing a decision. I have looked at the implications from financial and practical angles and have decided on the best course of action. By using the principles of decision making for finding a solution to the problem, making the decision by using an evaluation of alternative choices, and thinking through the decision and its consequences, I have set forth my recommendation (Langdon, 2001). As part of the strategic planning in bringing Stewart Title to Kava, I have found four main issues and solutions to bringing our business to the country of Kava.

I will discuss in detail, the solutions to the issues of the underage population, the language barrier, the natural disasters, and the medical problems. Putting the decision making process to work, our strategic team will use various tools and techniques to determine factors, evaluate resources, and evaluate ethical implications that affected our decision implementation.

Factors affecting decision implementation

Kava has many issues against them, keeping it from being an island of paradise in the South Pacific. These issues are a direct result of the disastrous threats, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods. Another determining factor that will affect our decision is the fact that over 50% of Kava's population is under the age of 15 years old. This has a significant impact on Kava's workforce and its economy. Their minors are too young and do not possess the necessary skills to be in...