Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part I

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IntroductionIn every scenario/situation decisions have to be made and issues have to be defined because they may turn into possible obstacles. Before decisions can be made the problem has to be formulated using tools and techniques. Also, there are organizational and environmental obstacles that need to be identified because they may impact the decision being made or the stakeholder making the decision. During the decision-making process critical thinking should be used so the problem cannot be mistaking for a symptom.

The IssueAllegra Direct Communication is a company based in Kava. The company is trying to establish greater presence in Kava. Allegra has chosen one, to assist in this mission. The government has asked a lot of organizations to bring their business culture to Kava. Kava has a lot of challenges and businesses are considered to be "helping organizations."Furthermore, the greater presence could be in various forms, but based on the good of the people of Kava and on what is good for the company.

One, will be synthesizing, prescribing and analyzing with the company regarding the decisions that need to be made. A lot of things will need to be taken into consideration, problems will need to be formulated using tools and techniques before the decision can be made and critical thinking needs to be applied. So, the company can succeed and establishing greater presence in Kava.

Formulation of the ProblemForcesThere are many forces that are involved in formulating a problem. Some companies prefer to use problem analysis, which provides managers with the tools the organization need to find the root cause of deviations quickly and inexpensively (Evans & Spitzer, 1997). These tools are the key to distinguishing a symptom from the problem. Some tools/ techniques that are used in formulating a problem include: Fishbone diagrams (Ishikawa cause and effect),