Decisions in Paradise Paper, Part III

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Allegra Direct Communication is a company based in Kava. The company is trying to establish greater presence in Kava. Allegra has chosen one, to assist in this mission. The government has asked many of organizations to bring their business culture to Kava. In every scenario/situation decisions have to be made and issues have to be defined because they may turn into possible obstacles. Before decisions can be made the problem has to be formulated using tools and techniques. Once the problem is discovered a decision-making technique needs to be applied to identify the solution(s). During the decision-making process critical thinking should be used so the problem cannot be mistaking for a symptom. So, they have examined various elements of critical thinking and the University of Phoenix Decision-Making Model because it has a great influence on the solution(s).

Finally, the decision has to be implemented once the decision has been made the impact of the decision needs to be measured.

The final steps in the decision-making process is made by, determining factors that affect decision implementation (stated objectives, resource availability, resistance to change, acceptance from internal and external stakeholders, legal environment and time), evaluating resources and actions required in this part of the decision-making process (clearly stated steps to resolve problem, creation of a timeline, resource allocation plan, measurement tools and contingency planning), and evaluating ethical implications from stakeholder's perspectives; in conjunction with the proposed solution. Implementation of the decision is the key to a successful outcome.

Factors Affecting Decision ImplementationProblem: Creating a greater presence in Kava.

Proposed Solution: Employing the citizens of KavaWith approaching the final state of the decision-making process there are factors that affect decision implementation that needs to be known. Once the factors are known, one can pounder on ways to address them, so effectiveness and efficiency...