Decisions in Paradise Part I

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When tropical destinations come to mind paradise usually follows, however, this is not the case with on such island known as Kava. Kava is currently going through difficult times. The current employment with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will determine how roles will play out in the rebuilding of this disaster stricken place. In this paper, focus will be given to identifying the problems, defining criteria, goals, objectives, and evaluates the effects.

As an employee of CDC working for the Division of Strategic National Stockpile in the capacity of assistant to the director of strategic planning the agency requires travel to other parts of the world, to more specific an island country called Kava, in the South Pacific. Although unfamiliar with Kava, it was exciting to be on a new job, anticipating that Kava was a beautiful place in the South Pacific.

Surprise was the flavor of the day upon arriving in Kava.

The expectations or pre conceived ideas of Kava were damaged immediately. The first thing that comes to attention in Kava is the chaos of all the property, which is evident throughout the island. The agency office was no different, giving the impression that something horrible had happened to this South Pacific paradise. Thing in Kava continued to decay in terms of relationships as Alex the supervisor was mistaken for the receptionist. Alex overlooked this gross error and proceeded to give an overview of the countries needs and how CDC could best assist in this effort.

Identify the problemsAfter the debriefing by Alex on the island of Kava, the following problems were identified. The location of Kava is right in the path of many potential natural disasters, such as tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, HIV/AIDS, petroleum spills, avian flu and terrorism, all...