Decisions in Paradise Part 1

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Decisions in Paradise: Part I

Nik, recent college graduate, was offered a challenging career opportunity with his current employer, XYZ Incorporated (XYZ).

XYZ is one of America's largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), providing the pharmacy benefit for millions of people nationwide through employers, managed-care plans, unions and governmental entities XYZ shares a common cause with each client, helping him or her by offering a healthy prescription-drug benefit today, tomorrow and into the future. XYZ aligns interests with clients (XYZ, n.d.).

XYZ's forecast and business plan for 2008 included opening up a fully operational facility to establish a strong and solid representation in Kava, island in the South Pacific. Chris, President and Founder of XYZ predict that in the future the island will become very attractive for tourists, businesses, clients and potential residents. Nik's assigned project is to go to the island and gather relevant information through brainstorming, benchmarking, and other problem solving techniques to develop a solid strategic business plan.

The business plan will be reviewed by the PrXYZdent and BOD's putting Nik in a highly visible position and if successful will create numerous long-term opportunities for him.

Nik will be working as an Assistant to Alex, XYZ's Director of Strategic Planning. Alex is a very experienced and influential executive at XYZ. So, the following week Nik was off to Kava, to meet with Alex, his supervisor and mentor, for his assignment in paradise. As Nik looked down from the airplane he felt tranquil but upon landing his standardized image that all islands were paradise was shattered. The island was cluttered with debris, garbage, and remains from disasters. Clutter filled the path all the way to the office, which turned out to be a broken down modular building. After a brief...