Decisions in Paradise Part 2

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Decisions in ParadiseIn the first installment of this document it was stated that Verizon is now going to expand its business to the island of Kava is located in the South Pacific. Kava is a small remote island that is a unique place and its population is made up of where 50% people under the age of 15 and make up a big part of Kavas workforce. The island is made up of many ethnic groups such as: Pacific Islanders, Chinese, African, French, Spanish and Americans. With the island being so diverse cultures Kava has many religions that are practiced on the island with the three predominant sects of Buddhist, Christians and Islamic creeds. With the multicultural aspect and with the different religions, Kava has number of different languages used in the island which range from English, French, and Spanish. The main sources of income for the island of Kava are agriculture, extraction of oil, fishing, and to provide economic development on the island.

Many aspects of the weather and the environment have affected the island such as: volcanic eruption, hurricanes, and earthquakes. This paper will help to identify the techniques need to make decisions properly on the issues at hand (N.A.,2008).

One way to handle these issues is to reference exactly what a solid decision-making process is. Within the book, Smart Things to Know about Decision Making holds a 5-step decision making process. According to the author of this book Langdon the steps are as follows: Preparing to decide, creating options, evaluating the options, making decision and implementing the decision (Langdon, 2001, p. 13-14). When determining how to approach these problems, the problem needs be clearly identified and established. Once the problem is understood and established correctly, establishing realistic objectives that involve the stakeholders is important. In Kava one...