Decisions in Paradise Part 3

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Decisions In Paradise - Part 3

Decision making is one of the central activities of management and is a huge part of any process of any decision to be implemented. Management must choose a strategy which brings about change, where the organization can operate effectively with the new strategy after the new strategy is in place. Having a dialogue between decision makers and stakeholders affected by the decision is important in making a clear plan to assess the issues and identify any challenges that may exist.

Consideration of roles and responsibilities must also extend to taking in a broader range of stakeholders. Selecting a strategy team of stakeholders can help to consider various scenarios to the problem and create alternatives to the plan already in place within the organization. Each individual within the team can focus on one or more of the challenges and offer different points of view to each challenge.

The team can also evaluate the alternatives by calculating there value to the organization, determining the risk involved (which can be minimal to substantial) to the organization, and deciding what the trade-offs are associated with each alternative.

The team can provide reports to management which will summarize their findings in full detail from start to finish, which can also include charts or diagrams as visual aides. At which time management can implement a plan of action to arrive at having a greater presence on Kava.

Effective management of the decision implementation plan to:

Find adequate office space

Hire a receptionist native to Kava

Create the programs for the youth of Kava that will teach them life skills and job skills, while including a recreation center with programs to teach them team building and interpersonal skills

Have a Bar B Que "meet and...