Decisions in Paradise Part 3

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Decisions in Paradise Part 3As stated in the pervious first two essays Nik is the project leader with Verizon communications and in charge of overseeing the expansion of Verizon's business on a global scale starting in the island of Kava, a small island in the South Pacific. The job of bringing Verizon to this remote location is for from an easy task. Nik has many obstacles to overcome in this process. Verizon and Nik came to the conclusion that if Verizon is going to prosper in Kava, and inevitably the South Pacific, the first main issue that needs to be addressed is to get the workforce of Kava healthy and educated about Verizon and their business plan. Providing vaccinations, disaster training and safety methods for the locals are all ways to establish a greater presence in Kava. Nik also has the daunting task of bringing a diverse multicultural population into one common workplace.

The main concern that could result in an ultimate disaster for Verizon and there hopes for expansion into the South Pacific is the threat of natural disasters such as: tsunamis, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes that with the landscape of the island could be inevitable. These are problems that Verizon and Nik are faced with and will need a decision-making process to solve them and measure the impact of the deciding factors (N.A.,2008).

Before Verizon will begin construction on Kava they will establish a workforce that will be educated and properly trained to start work immediately once the constructions completion. What Verizon has decided to do is to get aid from the United States and near by larger countries with providing food and educators to come to the country to educate the locals on the Verizon's business plan while helping establish a good rapport with the local Government.