Decisions in Paradise, Part 3

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IntroductionAs discussed in Decisions in Paradise Parts 1 and 2, Time Warner was approached by the government of Kava to assist with restoring their communications system to help with its recovery efforts and economic restructuring. Kava recently suffered a devastating natural disaster in which a typhoon rendered their vital communications system useless. To fulfill this request, Time Warner needed have a greater presence on the island to support such a large project. In Part 2, Nik and Alex generated a strategic business plan to implement their decisions effectively based on problems identified regarding this momentous project to move Time Warner toward its strategic goals. The following will discuss the factors affecting the decision implementation, evaluation of the resources and actions required, and evaluate the ethical implications of the proposed solutions from the stakeholders' perspectives.

Executive FeedbackTime Warner's executives reviewed Nik and Alex's strategic business plan. They have acknowledged that the project's primary objective is to restore Kava's severely damaged communications system, completely overhaul the existing system, and increase the company's presence on the island to fully support this colossal project.

With a firm grasp of the overwhelming problems that they faced, Time Warner's mission statement required an implementation of an all-inclusive strategy for the decisions to be put into action. This strategy required a timeline of the implementation plan to be developed, identify and allocate resources, and develop a communication strategy to share information with the stakeholders of all decisions made (Landsberger, n.d.). With Time Warner's commitment to full backing of this project, Nik and Alex were assigned to head this project. Settling the identified problems and employing long-term solutions required a level of decision-making comparable to Nik and Alex's capabilities ensuring ethics are kept at a high level of standards. Evaluation and continued monitoring is...