Decisions in Paradise Part I:IDMA Company (With Instructor Comments)

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Decisions in Paradise Part I

W3 Individual Assignment

University of Phoenix

Karen Amabile

August 26, 2008

Decisions in Paradise Part I

Nick, fresh out of college, has been offered what appears to be a chance of a lifetime opportunity to work with International Disease Management Alliance (IDMA) as an assistant to the director of strategic planning. IDMA is an internationally established chronic disease management organization in preparation for establishing a greater presence in Kava, a small island located in the South Pacific. The purpose of Nick's new position with the company and for this paper will be to identify key problems and issues confronting management, present an analysis and evaluation of the site in Kava and suggest recommendations and a plan of action for the IDMA to proceed.

Key Problems, Issues and Effects

Though many might imagine that a business trip to a small island in the South Pacific would be like visiting paradise on earth, Kava presented quite a different reality for young bright eyed Nick.

While IDMA had established a pleasant work atmosphere in the U.S. office with several hundreds of employees in a metropolitan high-rise the Kava site was devastatingly disastrous with a dilapidated trailer as a makeshift office and only one other employee, Alex, aside from Nick. Alex, the director of strategic planning, had been running the entire Kava operation on his own until Nick's arrival so Alex was the man with the facts. After a brief introduction the two men began to unravel the facts to identify several problems and issues facing management. The following list reveals their findings with possible effects noted:

Population: The local population is made up of over 50% youth-ages 15 and under. This could cause a potential...