Decisions in Paradise, Part II

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Decisions in Paradise, Part IISTUDENT NAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE AND NAME OF COURSEINSTRUCTOR/PROFESSORDATEDecisions in Paradise Part IINik arrived in Kava with a good understanding of the theories of critical thinking and decision-making techniques, his first assignment revealed his lack of experience with real world organizational application of critical thinking and decision-making techniques in identifying problems facing management and evaluating the Kava site for the Direct2cell in his first work assignment. Alex, Director of Strategic Planning, took full responsibility for Nik's rough report using it as a teaching tool.

Alex explained Direct2cell's mission statement, to become an internationally recognized leader in the development of nanoparticle immunobiologics for the prevention and treatment of human disease. (Company Confidential, 2008) Nik was prepared to analyze the report to determine the sources of internal and external forces of influence to assist in the decision-making process for his next assignment. The purpose of Nik's second report and for the purpose of this paper is to discuss and apply a decision-making technique to identify, propose and discuss possible impacts of appropriate solutions for Direct2cell to establish a greater presence in Kava.

Nick's revised list included three specific root causes and two forces of influence:Root causes:1.Extreme weather and the geographic location of Kava render the island to a constant state of disorder resulting in high unemployment rates, economic disparity, and pose a high concern for the wellbeing of the population.

2.The undereducated population of Kava must acquire the skills required to sustain gainful employment.

3.Substandard health of the population of Kava weakens the workforce threatening Kava's financial system.

Forces of influence:1.Population age 15 and under: needs to be addressed in order to attain a healthier workforce to sustain Kava's future economy.

2. Cultural and religious views should be discovered to determine if the women of Kava...