Decisions in Paradise Part III

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Decisions in Paradise papers I and II have described the following: the problems facing the island of Kava, the criteria defined, goals, objectives, the problems effecting the island of Kava evaluated, causes of the problems identified, frame alternatives, evaluate impacts of alternatives, and decision have been made in terms of the best way to implement the necessary changes. In part III of Decisions in Paradise the impact of the decisions made will be measured after implementation.

Decision ImplementationThe CDC will provide consultants to give an emergency assessment on how much, how long and how to delivery food and water to the people of Kava. Once the assessment has been done CDC will draw up an Emergency Operation Plan, including a budget, detailing what type of transport will be used. Sites will be set up in Kava where the supplies will be distributed from rented warehouses in the U.S to receive and store the donated supplies.

The CDC will then hire qualify people to work at warehouses in the U.S. and Kava. These people will be responsible for handling and organizing the donation such as receiving and pick-up form donors, arrange shipments to Kava, monitoring, and distributing supplies to the islanders. In addition, the CDC will require Kava's citizen to volunteer and in some cases, work for a reasonable fee.

The next step is to petition with U.S. and international governments, and national communities for funds, food, and services. CDC can request its employees to ask their local communities to donate goods and services. As the funds and food start to flow CDC will link the gap between the donors and the people in need. The supplies will be carried by ship or air. Once the supplies arrived on the island transporting the supplies from trucks to distribution sites will be...