Who decission is it for someone to live or die? Who decides when life actually begins in the womb?

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To Live or not to live, whose choice is it anyway. Abortion is the same thing as murder. The choice for a child to live or die should only be a choice for God to make. Mother's who put the death sentence of abortion on their unborn children should be sentenced to life in prison or death. There is a lot of controversy over when life begins in the womb. Life begins when the egg is fertilized. That is the beginning of life. Therefore, there is no difference between killing a thirty year old adult and killing a one week embryo.

There are many reasons that people try to justify abortion. Some reasons that are used for this justification are rape, age, and poverty level to name a few. There are far too many families in this world who badly want children and cannot have them. Adoption is the best solution to these problems, not abortion. With all of the alternatives today's modern world has to offer, there is no excuse to kill an unborn child.

Many people believe that there are medical reasons that an abortion might be necessary. The only medical reason that could possibly justify an abortion is that it would kill the mother to deliver. The reasons of malformations, diseases, or disorders are not good enough reasons. God would not have made the children that way if it was not meant to be. The mother created her child that way; she should raise and love her child that way. In a lot of cases, doctors give expecting mothers the choice to abort when situations like these arise. This should not be an option, but unfortunately it is.

In conclusion, there is no justifiable reason for a woman to have an abortion. The only...