The Declaration Of Independence.

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The main cause of the declaration was the taxes they paid a lot of taxes to England when the people lived in America. The Americans didn't like that they were in need of England and they are the ones who are deciding everything how it should be because the colonies where normally used to make their own laws and do as their colony wanted. The Americans had to pay taxes only because their English families had gone in many generations. One thing like this with trading that caused the Americans anger, when the Americans had bought customs to check the trading stuff the British just took away and said no you can't have dose only on tea. Because the English they need good tea that didn't make the Americans more happy. The English families that lived in America had to pay England taxes when they never had seen England in their hole life.

The English men's in America didn't think it was so good to live in another country and pay another country they never seen. The English men that lived in America who payed taxes for England wasn't in the parliament in England. For this the Americans started war with England they where tired on their deciding and after they decide everything they going to take taxes too. After this there where no more taxes and that made the people feel much better.


In the beginning of 1700 century England had established 13 colonies along the west side of North America. Every colonies had their own laws. The religion often played a big roll in these colonies. The French colonies where set up near big lakes in Mississippi and down to the Mexican golf. The place between Mississippi and the Mexican golf is today called Louisiana...