The Declaration of the Rights of Man

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Topic: do you agree with the declaration that everyone should be able to say and write what they please?

I agree with the declaration of the rights of man because many factors that when combined from this declaration would all add to a much stronger and stable France where people would have a much higher standard of life if the declaration was enforced properly without a power dissemblance resulting from the new wave of freedom.

In theory the King of France is meant to be a man of the people - listening to their needs and trying to improve their lives, as well as protecting them. But King Luis XIII was the complete opposite of this, he could simply be described as a selfish man, only ever focusing on himself and his wife rather than the actual needs of the French community. This resulted in many hardships for the French 3rd estates such as bread costing a fortune and a massive downfall in the economy due to trust.

Even though a national assembly was called King Louis XIII was still stubborn further complicating the issue, though once his escape plan failed; the King was out of the equation and new laws could be put into place.

From this came 'The Declaration of the Rights of Man', in short creating more democratic views than an oppressive regime, that if governed and moderated correctly could really restore France back to its former glory, though many of France's new leaders were inexperienced so had to learn by trial and error. When the declaration was first released the public took it to it's advantage and spoke out against the government, the starting spark of a revolution, tensions increased and fell like the rising tides of war.

If the declaration was to be a...