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"We the people of the United States of America should hold the highest office ofour land not in Great Britain." Only a third of the colonists believed in independencewhich divided the nation. To be "Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown", from the Declaration of Independence, meant that the colonists can "establish commerce", the primary reason for independence. To have followers, the continental congress used the Declaration of Independence as a means of propaganda, to show Great Britain that it gave the colonies no choice but war with the mother country. By using natural rights and the contract theory of government, Thomas Jefferson was able to justify for America the war for independence.

Natural rights can never be taken away, yet Britain violated America's. Our freedom is given from God to us; the government decides how much freedom we should be allowed. Great Britain had a hold on the United States which didn't allow American to flourish to the best of its capabilities.

For a flower to blossom it must have the right environment to do so, America did not so it had to force the environment. It wasunjust to America that Britain would use America for its own selfish purposes. Britaindeprives America from establishing a nation from sea to shining sea which was the dreamof the colonist. Depriving them from economic and social freedom desecrated America'snatural rights. Great Britain passed unjust act after unjust act which saw them lose theirthirteen colonies.

The belief of the governing should be the governed, that government should havethe consent of the people, and if it dishonoured the contract between state and the peopleit is the people's right, in fact their duty to impeach proved to be big in the AmericanRevolution. The other purpose of government is it protects everybody's natural rights because...