Decline Of America In Foreign Policy

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Good paper, unique style, vey boring - all about foreign policy and the rise of America -

Decline Of America In Foreign Policy

I. Introduction

A. Foreign Policy

1. Foreign Policy

2. Areas Foreign Policy Involves

3. Is America On The Decline?

II. America Is On The Decline

A. U.S. Foreign Policy Is Unsound And Ineffective

1. Falling Behind As A World Leader

B. Our Policies Are Unsuccessful

1. Loss Of American Powers

2. Loss Of Allies Trust

C. Military Ineffectiveness

D. Economic Policies

1. Fall Of American Currency Value

2. Downward Spiral Of International Business

E. Unorganized Authority Structure

1. Executive

2. Legislative

3. Public Opinion

II. America Is Not On The Decline

A. U.S. Foreign Policy Is Sound And Effective

B. Our Policies Have Been Successful

1. Power Of America Is Stronger And Stronger

2. Wide System Of Alliances

3. Strong Military Effectiveness

4. Strong Economic Policies

5. Authority Is Reasonably And Effectively Administered

IV. Conclusion

A. Position Merits

B. Americas Decline In Foreign Policy Conclusion


Through a cross examination of the pros and cons of foreign policy, I found the answer to the enigma posed. America is not on the decline. The evidence is seen by the results produced. Economic, social, and political conditions have increased for the better. This shows that American foreign policy is on the rise.

Strength of America's Foreign Policy

As the world grows smaller through advancements in technology, travel, and communications the United States must become aware of it's global position. Each gateway that opens the economic and social realms of foreign nations allows opportunities for objectives to be accomplished. The realization of these goals comes through the establishment of a strong foreign policy. Foreign Policy is a series of goals that a nation hopes to achieve with respect to other...