Decline in Education

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It is quite eminent from the various critics of education, that indeed there are fundamental aspects that have been sidelined and left out from our education systems. It has been learned that education is thought of as some kind of reform for the human mind. While some have gone to great lengths to disparage the current education system, others have recognized a sort of appreciation for it. From Michael Moore’s ‘Idiot Nation’ to John Taylor’s ‘Against School’, the displeasure in this system is very apparent.

The question of what serves both the individual and society best tends to ring in your mind after a look at the essays. Schooling is a system which has been used in the education of the young, since time immemorial. They attend schools; where teachers are readily equipped, with all the needed content in form of syllabuses, to gear the students towards good grades and academic excellence.

As Michael Moore Suggests, “a group of 556 seniors at fifty-five prestigious American Universities (Harvard, Yale, Stanford) were given a multiple-choice test consisting of questions that were described as ‘high school level.’ Thirty-four questions were asked and these top students could only answer 53 percent of them correctly. And only one student got them all right.” (Moore, 134) It is the insistence on good grades, that when the students fall short of the desired outcome, their future becomes bleak Where do they move to next? This system has not guided or instructed them aptly in preparation for what else the world has to offer. Like pointed out by Taylor, the class situation has become an embodiment of more and more boredom. This aspect has only led to further crippling of the educational system.

Moreover; it has become apparent that the education system is focused at providing labor for...